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There are some great photos on the BBC Nature web site, celebrating National Tree Week.  Have a peek here

Scots pine in the ancient Caeldon forest

Scots pine in the ancient Caledon forest



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Photo: educationscotland.gov.uk

We are all very excited here at Wood Elf Towers, as it is National Tree Week next week!  First held in 1975, National Tree Week aims to get everyone in the UK planting trees, wither as an individual or as part of a community led project.

Trees are important in our lives for a million reasons – for their beauty, ecology and biodiversity, absorbing and locking away carbon dioxide, regulating urban microclimates, absorbing air pollution, protecting us from wind and rain,  moderating flooding impacts, providing ‘food, fuel and fibre’……and that’s without mentioning the physical and mental health benefits that trees provide we mere mortals with.  The reasons to love and protect our trees go on and on!

National Tree Week will be running 24th November – 2nd December 2012.  Have a look at the Tree Council’s Events Map and see how you can get involved.  The Woodland Trust is also running its Tree Planting Challenge as part of National Tree Week, and has sent out over 750,000 free trees to UK schools and communities.  Find out more about the Tree Planting Challenge here


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